- With its easy loading 35’ head and low diameter running line, you’ll soon be
reaching for the Horizon enhanced with Ridged running line, an addition that
makes the line cast even further than you ever imagined possible. Also a great
switch rod line.
WF5 - 9            $74.99
Airflo Fly Lines
The Contented Angler
Amy & Joe Gablick

airflo 40+ line
Airflo’s factory resides on a small trout stream in a national park in
Wales, UK. They are distributed in over 25 countries, and manufacture
lines as OEM’s for several other flyline companies. With people like
Charles Jardine, Rene Harrop, Tim Rajeff and Gareth Jones designing
their lines, Airflo continues to lead the flyline industry in innovation and
technology advances.
40+ Specs
WF5 float
WF6 float
WF 7 float
WF8 float
WF9 float
The Contented Angler
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All Ridge lines feature Airflo's unique polyurethane coating
that unlike PVC will not crack with age. These lines have a
5 year no crack warranty.
airflo sniper line
here is a line designed outside the confines of the AFTM system. These
lines will match your rod perfectly. In fact, these lines may make your rod
come alive!
  • Easy to aerialize head lengths
  • Ridge technology for super slick performance
  • Head density is balanced for today's high performance graphite
  • Low diameter low mass running line.

This is going to be popular with East Coast Striper anglers. Available in
Floating, Intermediate, sink 3, sink 7 and a custom cut tip version.

Price: $74.99  Available in size 8 - 10
Sniper lines incorporate a dual-head design so that lesser casters only need to
aerialize the first 15 feet and advanced casters can airialize the entire head.
airflo sixth sense line
If you're looking for a line that is incredibly supple, memory-free and has a
super delicate presentation, the Sixth Sense floater is it. The unique delta
taper of the Sixth Sense line makes it a pleasurable and easy line to cast
for beginning and advanced casters alike. The Sixth Sense lines are ideal
for distance casting small dries, roll casting and single-hand spey

WF 3 - 8  Color: Pale Peach - $64.99
Airflo Sixth Sense line
Airflo Euro nymph line
Airflo 40+ line
Airflo Sniper line
Airflo DepthFinder Line
The toughest most durable fast sinking head on the
market today. The lightly ridged running line
provides incredible shootability!
Available in - 175 grains, 200 grains, 300 grains,
and 400 grains
Depthfinder Big Game Line
comes with an intermediate running line, is 150 feet
long and the highest density head on the market!
Available in: 400, 500 and 700 grains
Price: $99.99
New Airflo Kelly Galloup Indicator Nymph line - A larger tip
diameter and more aggresive front taper to throw any fly you have.
Extended rear taper and high floating front section to help mend and
manage the line.

Sizes 4 - 8   Price: $79.99
The Contented Angler - 724-337-0437
Whether you are interested in competition or just want to try this
nymphing,  the airflo Euro Nymph line with it's low stretch core will
enable you to feel every tap and know exactly how your nymph is
fishing.  Not just another nymph line.
0.60 mm diameter

Price: $54.95