These are not only the most unique rods you will ever cast, they are a
little piece of fly fishing history and tradition. This is certainly reason
enough to own one of these gems.  We consider them priceless since
they will retain or increase in value for years to come.
Even though we are sold out of the Betters rod,  this place remains as
a dedication to Fran.
“After a dozen casts with a Betters rig, my own rod made me think I
was fishing with pudding. I still can’t get that piercing stiletto of line
out of my head. And in my book, anything that inspires
memory…well, I call that a thing worth having.”
Matthew CeBord
Cigar Afficiando Magazine
Fran Betters is the originator of the Ausable Wulff, the
Haystack series of flies (from which the Compara Dun was
copied), the Usual and the Mini-Muddler series.  He has
authored a dozen books and written over 100 articles for
various magazines and publications.  Fran first started
building fly rods in the late 1940’s while still in high school.  
He  owned and operated the Adirondack Sport Shop on the
Ausable river for 40 years, resulting in thousands of
satisfied rod customers throughout the world.
You can no longer hear Fran talk about what a fly rod
should feel like and you can no longer watch him cast one,
but you can still feel what Fran thought was a perfect
action for a fly rod. From the hand sewn custom
embroidered bag with the Ausable Wulff logo to the
custom wood handle, this is fly fishing history.
The handle made from one piece of exotic
wood. I found the rod handle to be the
perfect size and very comfortable.
Amy watching Fran Betters cast one of
his custom rods.
Fran Better's Rods
"An icon of Fly Fishing history"
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell, PA. 15068
These rods consistently out-perform any newfangled rod
that comes along today. Fran is no longer with us so we
can't offer a warranty on these rods.
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