Cortland  Fly Lines
The new Precision Dyna Tip and Rocket 2 taper loads today's
rods quickly and I can tell you that the Dyna tip won't sink and
lands more softly than any line! If you like a supple line, you're
going to be pleased! Mint green with sage green tip.  
Available in
WF4 - 7
Price: $69.00
The Contented Angler
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Lower Burrell, PA. 15068
Where do I begin with this line?
Let's start with the Dura-Silk coating that quietly slips through the
guides when you need a little more distance and remains supple
even in cold weather!
Okay, now we add the Rocket 2 taper with longer head and extended
rear taper with oversized running line for easier mending and roll
Really nice moss green color with the high floating dyna tip that we
all demand.
We end up with a line that will give you nice stable loops and will
properly load today's fast action rods.
This is the
Cortland Precision Platinum line and we've had a
great response to this new line!

The Corland precision line is available in WF-3 to WF-8
Price: $69.00
The Contented Angler
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The Cortland Competition Nymph line has been uniquely engineered
to help the nymph specialist create ultra-precise presentations and achieve
the highest degree of strike detection, sensitivity, and accuracy – a perfect
line for French, Spanish, Czech, and high-stick nymphing styles where the
fly line is held off the water.
The ultra thin, limp core and supple coating allow excellent “drape” over
the rod tip, which increases sensitivity. Fine tip diameters and an
elongated front taper allow light rigs to cast with pinpoint accuracy, and
prevent the line from “bellying” -- dragging the flies out of the drift on
longer casts.

Available in two sizes: 2 -3Wt. and 3 - 5wt. rods.
$75.00  Free Shipping!!
If your serious about nymphing, you're going
to want this line! If you're local, stop by and try
The new Switch Line from Cortland performs 3 major functions to help
you get maximum performance from your switch rod – Overhead casting for
tossing streamers or bulky flies, spey style roll casts for swinging flies, and
indicator nymphing with ease, at distances you never thought possible.
Cortland Switch Line is 100’ total length, color change at 45’ with a 12’ rear
taper extension for supporting long mends and roll casts. Tip diameters are
oversized to turn over bulky flies, indicator rigs, or connect a polyleader to the
Cortland Super Fused loop. Color: Sky Blue with Ivory running line.

Cortland Switch Line
We have one of these lines on the way and we
will be letting you know our opinion very soon!
We are very excited about the new cortland competition nymph and Switch
lines. Cortland takes their time when designing a line which usually results in
the line becoming a classic.
240 grains
300 grains
375 grains
425 grains
485 grains
Here is the perfect sighter material for
European nymphing. Make coiled of straight
indicators with this new
Indicator mono
from Cortland.
Available in hot yellow.
Sizes: .012, .013, .014
Free shipping over $75.00