Al Troth has many useful contributions to fly tying
and the
Elk Hair Caddis is probably the most popular.
A deadly caddis imitation especially in fast water and
it floats like a cork.
Here is our way of tying this fly to make it last a
reasonable amount of time.
Elk Hair Caddis - Al Troth

Hook: 1XS dry fly hook
body: fur dubbing to match the
Rib:   XFine Gold wire
Hacle: Brown or grizzly
Wing:  Elk Hair
1. Tie in some xfine gold wire on the shank
directly above the barb.
2. You can use this dubbing method with
most synthetic materials. Roll the dubbing
between your thumb and forefinger to make
a rope of dubbing.
3. Tie the dubbing on the bottom of the shank.
4. Grab the dubbing and thread and twist
between the thumb and forefinger. Twist
clockwise only.
5. Hold the dubbing rope in your fingers and
wrap to the waiting thread at the front of the
hook. This gives you a good tight body that
will aid in floatation and durability. We are
working with a size 16 hook so we will select a
size 18 hackle and tie the butt in at the front
of the body.
6. Palmer the hackle to the rear of the fly and
take a turn of wire around it to tie it off.
Continue to palmer the wire forward and tie off
at the front.
8. Select a bunch of Elk Hair suitable for the
wing and tie it down with 6 turns of thread.
Take two turns around the shank and weave
the thread through the hair butts.Add a drop of
Zap a Gap to the wing and tie off. Wing length
should be about a gap width passed the bend.
When I watch a fly tying video, I always find myself
jumping ahead. This is why we feel that this is still the
best way to demonstrate fly tying. I don't want to make
videos. I want to fish!
Every Caddis looks like a tan Caddis against the sun. Try to capture a
natural and confirm the color. Except for the obvious caddis like the
Grannom,  exact identification is just about impossible for the common
angler, Try to determine if the fish are taking the emerger or the egg
layer since they are different colors. You can add a magnifying glass to
I prefer a nice piece of Cow Elk from
Nature's Spirit.
tying elk hair caddis
elk hair caddis
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