The Contented Angler
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Lower Burrell, Pa. 15068
1. We begin with a #6 4XL hook and UTC 140
thread. Tie in 6 - 8 strands of silver flashabou
above the barb. The flash should be long enough
to extend past the wing when finished.
2. Tie in a bunch of white goat hair underneath
the shank leaving 1/8 in space near the eye.
3. Tie in a bunch of Gray Goat hair on top of the hook the
same length as the white hair. Make sure you maintain the
1/8 inch space near the eye.
a medium sized fish skull over the eye. The wing will fold
back as shown. Re-attach thread and make a thread dam
in front of the fish skull.
Now go fishing and hold on!!
fish skull fly
fish skull fly