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No longer do children have to learn to fly fish with a rod that is
too long or too stiff or use a rod with a handle designed for
adult hands. Echo Gecko rods have a special diameter handle
and a small 2" long fighting butt that allows the smallest anglers
to use two hands to cast. A bright yellow blank and a fun
colored handle make these rods as much fun to look at as they
are to cast. The rod is a great length for trout, pan fish, and
bass. The rod can handle a short belly WF5 or a standard WF4
Echo Gecko Rod
Price: $99.00 includes
cordura case.
We've seen them all and the Dr. Slick
is the best one available today.
This will carry everything and comes with
two zingers, tippet holder and the neatest
fly box you've seen. Especially great for
summer fishing.

Price: $40.00
dr. slick logo
Here is one of those "Why didn't I think of that"
items from
Smith Creek. Simple clip your rod into
rod clip and your hands are free to work on
other things. No more placing the rod under your
arm. You won't appreciate this until you have one!
Price: $19.95
New Smith Creek Rod Clip
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contented angler gift card
smith rod holder
echo gecko rod
dr. slick lanyard
tfo offiice rod
The TFO Office Rod - Designed by Lefty Kreh to
improve your casting,  but we find it quite
relaxing especially when you are having a
stressful day.  Try it and see! Flash drive included
with casting tips from Lefty.

Price: $50.00