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In these uncertain times, it is
difficult to make a purchase
without questioning whether the
salesman is telling you the truth,
or if you are getting a good
product. Shopping is no longer fun.
The Contented Angler came about
after 30 years of fly fishing
experience. We had the knowledge
to choose a good product, but we
had to earn your trust in a world
where trust hardly exists. We
started with a strong foundation of
honesty and integrity. In order for
this to work, we would seek and
find honest companies. We would
treat people with the respect they
deserve. God gave us a conscience
and it is imperative that we make
your fly fishing experience
We realize that we also have a
responsibility to children. We need
them to know that they don't need
a $600.00 fly rod to enjoy fishing.
We have to set an example. Our
local group knows the importance
of helping those in need, and our
fly tying classes are free.
Fly Fishing Products
Manufacturers have done their best to convince us that their rods
are better than anything else on the market. I don’t blame them
for trying to beef up their market share, but some of their claims
are pretty far fetched and in some cases just old-fashioned BS. The
more you get pounded with fancy big ads in the magazines the
more you begin to believe this stuff. It’s just human nature.
George Anderson
George Anderson's Yellowstone Angler
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell, Pa. 15068
Please support these companies that help with our Youth
Fly Tying programs. It really does make a difference.
Wapsi,  Rumpf,  MFC,  Hemingway,  Flymen Fishing
Company,  Nature's Spirit, Cascade Crest.
If they don't
have it,  you don't need it!!