The one characteristic that I always emphasized on
our flies and in our Fly Tying Instruction is the choice
of the proper hook. We stock only quality hooks from
companies that price them fairly.
They’re sharp with no flaws and they come in a wide variety
of styles. Just a few of the reasons Daiichi is our best selling
hook. Many will use nothing else.  We stock the complete line
of Daiichi hooks.
Alec Jackson North Country & Soft Hackle Hooks.
Designed after the hook Alec used 60 years ago, The North
Country Trout & Soft Hackle.
The perfect hook for soft hackles
and Clyde style flies.
The Contented Angler
Amy & Joe Gablick
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell, PA. 15068
Eagle Claw knows something about hooks, I can guarantee
you that! and the
Eagle Claw 254 is one of the most widely
used hooks for various saltwater flies. I like them for
Clousers, bass flies, and pike flies.These hooks are very
reasonably priced and you will find many uses for them. Give
them a try!
The Mustad CO68 and C49S are just two examples
of high quality, sharp hooks from this traditional
company. The CO68 is a great 2Xheavy steelhead
The Eagle claw 413 hook is becoming one
of the most popular hooks for bass and
saltwater patterns. The 60 degree turned
down eye gives the fly unique action in the
water. Now a popular hook for Clousers
Price: $11.40
I've caught very selective fish on this hook. Also
enables me to fish soft hackles in the film.
We carry most Daichii hooks,
and we carry the
steelhead hook during
steelhead season.
Daiichi 1760 - Another good steelhead hook. 2XL and
2XH. Also good when you prefer not to use weight.
Based on 40 years of fly tying, it is my opinion that the
Daiichi hook is the highest quality hook you can buy today.
Montana Fly Salmon Steelhead
- A nice heavy salmon Iron
from MFC. Comes in Green, Red,
Gold, Blue and Black.
Partridge barbless Czech
Nymph hooks
- The best hook
for these popular nymphs.
We have the entire selection of MFC hooks.
Partridge Patriot Barbless
Jig Hook
- A very popular
hook today for tying
nymphs. 60 degree turned
down eye.
Mustad 3366 hooks for Clouser Minnows
Lightning Strike Stinger hooks
Lightning Strike 60 degree jig hooks
Montana Fly Company hooks
Hanak hooks are now available at
The Contented Angler