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06/20/08 - Fishing the Cicadas on the Little Juniata River.
It's not everyday that you need 2X tippet to turn your dry fly
over when fishing in Pa, but nothing is normal when these
insects are around. The Cicadas certainly made their noisy
presence known and when I hooked a trout on the second
cast, I knew we were in for some fun. Trout relish this meal
so much that we had no refusals on
the 2X Seaguar flourocarbon.  Near evening, the sound of
the cicadas faded and some Lt. Cahills made an appearance
with the smaller trout chasing the emergers.
Even though this river takes an extreme pounding, the trout
are in excellent condition and there is plenty of water to fish.
All trout were released unharmed and swam away like they
weren't even hooked.
There were also egg-laying golden stoneflies and some
caddis that I couldn't identify, but these fish were used to
eating a big meal. If you fish the Cicadas, a 9ft. or 10ft.
leader tapered to 2 or 3X should be fine. Actually, a
straight piece of 2X right off the fly line might do the job.
cicada and reel
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