The Contented Angler
"A Genuine Fly Shop"
All trout in these pictures were caught on barbless hooks, and all were released
healthy and unharmed.
Update: As of 2015,  poaching has become rampant on this stream not
because waterways patrolmen are not doing their job.  There is just not
enough of them!
Water is the emblem of instability. No one
can tell what he shall draw out of it until he
has taken in his line. Herein are found the
true charm and profit of angling for all
persons of a pure and childlike mind.
06/25/03 - It was a great day to be out on the stream
yesterday. We had intentions of visitng three different
streams, but we never got past Little Sandy Creek. The
water level is a little low at this time, but the trout are
healthy and actively feeding on Blue Quills. It was a
nice day to walk the pathways with a 3 weight and
make a cast here and there.
little sandy creek
little sandy trout
little sandy creek venango co
amy little sandy creek
little sandy brown
katie little sandy