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I love teaching the Muddler in our fly tying classes. I like seeing
someone go from “I can’t do that” to “I can’t believe I did it”.

In my opinion, there are two different Muddlers. There is the
“Flyshop Muddler” With this one the tyer uses two or even three
clumps of deerhair to make a very nice and impressive head that is
almost half of the shank length. People like how they look and they
sell well. They also float!

Tyers apply their interpretation to the hook and over the years, the
“Flyshop Muddler” becomes acceptable. Open a magazine and you
will find many improperly tied Muddlers.

Our Muddler is based on the original. It may not be as impressive as
others, but that is not the intention. This one will fish the way it was
intended to. It shouldn’t look good to us, it should look good to the
fish. This one will swim properly and it will catch fish.

There is nothing wrong with experimentation. In fact, we should
strive to be creative with fly tying. The best students I have had are
those that quickly broke from the standard patterns and began
experimenting on their own. However, if we are going to use the
name “Muddler” we should be careful to make the fly as the
originator intended, especially if we expect the same results.
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