The Contented Angler
Outer Banks, North Carolina
We visited the Outer Banks during the week of June 6 for some camping,
relaxation, and Saltwater Flyfishing. We weren't very successfull with the fishing,
but it was a great learning experience and we will be ready next time. The sounds
are always enhanced when you lay in your tent at night and the symphony of the
rushing ocean waves released all of the stress as we floated into sleep. We were
blessed with great weather and wading into Pamlico Sound and casting the 9
weight was great. We should have fished in the early morning and late evening, but
it was just too relaxing to concentrate on the fishing. However, we hope the info
we provide here will help you if you plan on visiting and fly fishing in the ocean. If
you're really serious about the fishing, Fall brings the veteran fly anglers to the
Cape Hatteras area for the False Albecore fishing. We were hoping to get a guide
for one day, which probably would have provided good fishing, but we missed the
booking by 5 minutes! The cost of a guide and open boat for 3 fly anglers is $200.00
- $285.00 for four hours.
Equipment: We would be throwing Clousers,
Deceivers, and crab immitations, so we armed
ourselves with a
TFO 9' 9 wt. rod with an intermediate
line. We also brought along an 8 weight for casting
surface poppers.
Long, secluded beaches where you can walk, or if you
have a 4WD vehicle and lower your tire pressure to
18psi drive as far as you want.
A nice sunset and a great time to fish.
The Guides in this area reminded us of the Atlantic Salmon
guides with their knowledge of the tides, currents, winds, and
fish. The people at Frisco Rod & Gun were very helpful and
one guide in particular, Ken Dempsey was not only very
knowledgable, but also very honest. We hope to fish with
Ken next time. Please contact us if you wish to hook-up with
these people.
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