We didn't get that "Keepah Stripah", even though the explosive
splashes assured us that they were there. We did, however, return
with something much more valuable. Eventually, we all learn the
difference between how the "Fly Fishing retail world" wants to
influence us and what really works. If you want to learn what a true
angler is, you need only spend some time with the anglers from
the "Striper Moon" website.. You can cast an artistic "Flatwing" on
a long floating line with these guys! It was a thrill to get a lesson
from Ken Abrames, author of "Striper Moon", and "A Perfect
Fish", (the two bibles on Striped Bass Fishing), and it was an
uplifting experience to watch how this group of " anglers" freely
shares information and flies with each other. Since they are "true
anglers", you won't find them in the glossy pages of your favorite
magazine. You'll find them fishing, sharing, and willing to help you
land that "Keepah". Rhode Island has 384 miles of breathtaking,
tidal shoreline. You can fish a saltwater pond, river, flats, or the
rugged coastline. If you want to pursue saltwater fly fishing, this is
where you need to begin. It's the best Striped Bass fishing in the
world with people that are eager to teach you. Make it a point to
visit the
Striper Moon website, get to know these people and go
fish with them. You'll feel comfortable with them and I know you'll
remember it forever.
With Ken Abrames, author of "Striper Moon" and "A Perfect Fish".
Quonny Pond.
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Moon webstite.
Mike Snyder with a striper.
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