The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Drive
Lower Burrell, PA. 15068
Atlantic Salmon Fishing
Miramichi & Renous Rivers, New Brunswick.
"Salmon fishing is a game a man and a fish
play together.  And while  a man can dictate
the terms on which the sport shall be
enjoyed he sometimes forgets that the fish
has the absolute power of veto."
Richard Waddington, 1959
From "The Salmon Book"
By: Douglas Sutheralnd
Amy on the Miramichi
Amy and guide Jr. Munn on the
main southwest
Size 8 Black Dose
Featherwing, ready to go
Joe with Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi
Amy with Grilse on the Miramichi
Amy on the Renous River.
Pleasant evening on the Main
Southwest Miramichi.
Rainbow over the Main Southwest
Take your first step into the Miramichi and you know
that you are stepping into "holy water" you think of all
of the others who have gone before you and realize
what a special experience this is