Cray and Shrimp tails are the latest item from Flymen Fishing
Company.  These tails will give your fly some weight and a great
swimming action!
I don't remember who showed me this pattern,  but hopefully,  he will
see this and contact me!. All I did was add the Shrimp Cray Tail.
How to tie in the shrimp cray tail on a
down eye hook.  This fly will ride hook
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Products including shrimp cray
tail are available at The
Contented Angler
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell,  Pa. 15068


1. Find a 3xl hook. There is probably
one laying on your desk somewhere,  
and tie in some pheasant tail fibers at
the bend of the hook.
2. Tie in a ball of dubbing to seperate
the pincers in the next step
3. The pincers are made with pine
squirrel zonker strips. Tie a strip on
each side of the ball.
4. Tie in another longer strip of pine
squirrel for the body.
5. Wrap the pine squirrel strip to the
front of the hook to complete the
6. Add 2 rubber legs to each side of
the body as shown.
Pine Squirrel zonker strips are available
from Wapsi where you will find the finest
fly tying material and The Contented
Angler.  So much for the commercial!