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The Original Tacky Fly Box       

•        Light, sleek, yet extremely durable polycarbonate box
•        Clear lid for visible access to flies
•        Off-set slit design comfortably holds 168 flies
•        Latch-less magnetic closure system
o        Long lasting strength
o        Durability tested
•        Patent Pending Slit Silicone storage system
•        anchors the flies unlike anything else
o        Holds flies tighter
o        Withstands extemes in temperatures

7 x 31/2 x 3/4        Price:  $25.00
The award winning Tacky boxes are the most innovative and
practical fly boxes we've seen in years. Designed by anglers
who know the features you want to see in a good box that
carries enough flies and is light in the vest.
Original Tacky Box
Tacky Day Pack Box
Tacky Big Bug Box
The Day Pack Fly Box

•        Small, light, sleek, compact
•        Clear lid for visible access to flies
•        New bi-directional slit design holds up to 180 flies
•        Latch-less mangnetic closure system
o        Long lasting durability
o        Durability tested
•        Extremely durable polycarbonate box
•        Double sided lanyard hook system
•        New hinge stop
5 x 3 x 31/4          Price: $20.00
The Big Bug Box has all many of the same great features that
made our first two boxes so amazing…
•        Clear lid for visible access to flies
•        Latch-less mangnetic closure system
o        Long lasting durability
o        Durability tested
•        Extremely durable polycarbonate box
•        Lanyard hook system
•        Hinge stop
But there are so many things that really set this box apart from
any other big box on the market.
•        Silicone mat designed specifically for larger flies
o        Holds flies with hook sizes up to 2/0
•        New insertion guides
o        Guide allows for easier insertion when backing in flies
Step down guides allow you to ‘feel‘ where the slit is and
push hook down rather than backing it in

7 x 31/2 x 1.125  Price:  $32.00
Your opinion matters.  Feel free to let us
know what you think of these boxes.  
My conscience tells me you are going to
love these boxes!
tacky fly box
tacky box
New!! Tacky Dry Fly Box -  Features the Tacky
Patent pending 3D mat design so you no longer have to
worry about smashed hackles and tails on your dry flies.

Original Tacky blue silicone for high contrast
Offset slit design holds 199 flies
Hinge stop
same great magnetic closure

Specs - 7" X 3.5" X 1.125"
6 ozs.

tacky dry fly box