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TFO NXT Outfits
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Only TFO could design a high quality outfit like this at
such a great price! Today, there is no reason why
someone getting into the sport shouldn't have pro gear.
NXT outfits include a rod, cast aluminum disc drag
reel spooled with fly line, leader and backing packaged in
a rod and reel carrying case. We highly recommend this
great outfit for fly casting instruction. These are IM6
graphite great for casting and good for handling
TFO NXT 4/5    8'-6"  4 Pc.            $219.00

TFO NXT 5/6    9'-0"  4 Pc.            $219.00

TFO NXT 8/9    9'-0"  4 Pc.            $224.00

Notice! these are 4pc. rods and the attractive rod/reel
case is included!!
tfo nxt outfit
craig fishing
If you have a young son or daughter that wants to
try fly fishing,  you can't beat these outfits.  I know
because I have fished them. Not really for
beginners but they have an introductory price and
they will last!
Free Shipping!!  724-337-0437