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TFO - Specialty Fly Rods.
tfo mangrove
tfo half weight rod
complete cast lefty kreh
Everyone has been waiting for this and now it is here.  A
commons sense casting approach that places no limits on
your casting. Don't continue to practice mistakes.  Get this
DVD/Blue Ray disk today from The Contented Angler or
Download from TFO website.
People have been busy at North Fork Composites.  This is
the Gary Loomis factory in Woodland, Washington, USA.
The Contented Angler is proud to bring you the best hall
of famer, Gary Loomis can make.
Go HERE to take a
Relationships come first at TFO and the company has had a
great impact on fly fishing in recent years. Those involved
with TFO have talents that reach way beyond fly fishing and
these talents have been utilized to improve the lives of many
and TFO intends to make a differenece in this world we live
in.  Call it a sales pitch if you like.  People that know me. know
better and I sleep well knowing we are involved with this
company and what the ultimate goal is.
If you fish Erie,  don't miss the Gary Loomis conventional "Sea Run Rods"