Model TF-20
Line Weight 1-3 Weight
Line Capacity (yds)
WF2F 45/20lb Dacron
WF3F 25/20lb Dacron
Weight  3.0 oz.
Spool Size  2.5" x 0.79"
Hub Diameter 1.18"
Ratio  Direct
Drag Washers - 2 NanoCF Drag™ Discs

Price: $179.95
Incredible smooth performance, top notch parts
and dependability are a few of the reasons that
TF Series from 3Tand  won the Icast
Make sure you notice the prices for this reel
that will perform as well or better than any reel.
Once someone picks it up, they have to have it
Available in silver or black
Model -  TF-40
Line Weight 3-5
Line Capacity (yds)
WF3 + 90/20lb. Dacron
WF4 + 60/20lb. Dacron
WF5 + 45/20lb. Dacron

Weight - 3.5ozs.
Spool size - 3.0" x 0.83

If you enjoy spending the day on the trout
stream with your favorite rod and you realize
how precious each day on the stream is,  then
this reel will only enhance your enjoyment.

Price: $209.95
Extra spools - $114.95
Model -  TF-50
Line Weight - 4-6 Weight
Line Capacity (yds)
WF4F 145/20lb Dacron
WF5F 130/20lb Dacron
WF6F 115/20lb Dacron
Weight - 3.9ozs.
Spool size - 3.38 X 0.91

Finally,  a reel made that handles the correct
amount of backing for the job. Not your run of
the mill all around trout bass reel.

Price: $219.95
Extra spool -  $119.95
TF 70 Crossover Reel
Weights 6-8
Line Capacity
WF6F 200/20lb Dacron
WF7F 175/20lb Dacron
WF8F 150/20lb Dacron
Weight 4.6 oz.
Spool Size 3.75" X 0.98"
Drag Technology Nano CF Drag™ Disc
MSRP $229.95
Extra Spool $124.95
The TF-70 brings a whole new definition to the
term, “Crossover Reel”. Awarded the New
Product showcase, “Best of Show” at ICAST
2014, this reel earned its hardware and proved it
was designed to take on the salt, fresh, single-
hand and two-handed sticks.  The TF-70 has the
line capacity to handle 6-8 Weight lines and put
the wood to anything that swims.
The Contented Angler
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Lower Burrell,  Pa. 15068

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