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Airflo Saltwater lines
"The best you can buy.  We know because we fish them"
Airflo Beach/Surf line -  Works equally well for
single and two hand casting. Casting into the
East Coast Jersey wind is no picnic.  It's great to
have a line that has a condensed head length
and an aggressive tip diameter to throw large
flies into the wind on long leaders.

WF5 - WF8 Floating
WF5 - WF8 Int
WF6 - WF8 Sink 7                               Price:  $89.95
Bonefish -  The Airflo Ridge coating is what
counts here when you need to shoot line to a
wary Bonefish.  Nice bonefish taper that you will
cast with little effort

WF6 - WF9                                            Price:  $89.95
Ridge Tropical Clear tip short - Floating fly line
with a 12ft. floating clear tip.  That's right, the
clear tip floats! The clear tip blends into a stealth
mid vis main belly.  I use it and I highly
recommend this line.

WF6 - WF12                                              Price: $89.99
Ridge Striper Line -  Great suppleness in the
coldest weather is what you want for East Coast
striper fishing.  I also fished this line and was
very satisfied with the performance!

WF7 - WF10                                             Price: $84.95
Airflo Sniper 4 Season line -  A shorter
version of the 40+ line with its dual head
and aggressive front taper designed for
lesser casters and more advanced casters.

Price: $89.95