The Chemists at Airflo have formulated super-DRI, a new material that
repels water, dirt and surface scum better than any line available
SuperDRI eliminates friction and adds distance to your cast!
Another feature of these new lines is the
Airflo "Zone" technology
which uses a low compression compound in the section of line
exposed to the stress of double hauling.
Of course, these lines also feature Airflo's ridge and Power Core
The Contented Angler is proud to bring you the highest floating line in
the industry. No line rides higher! Period.
No line rides higher! Period!
  • Super high floating
  • Repels water, dirt and scum
  • Extreme shootability
  • Zone technology
  • Industry's toughest loops
  • Patented ridges
  • Low stretch power core
  • Effortless line mending
  • Far less surface drag
  • PVC free
  • Deet and UV resisitant
  • $74.95
Airflo XCEED - The XCEED line from Airflo is designed for
today's fast action rods. The slightly heavier weight forward head
has a condensed taper which makes casting into the wind a

Color is Pumpkin with Lichen Green "Zone" section

Available in WF3F - WF9F
Airflo ELITE - When it comes to trout fishing the
Airflo Elite line does it all. Notice the modest front taper
and standard head length. Finally, a line that is
available in WF or DT.

DT3F - DT6F - Lichen Green with Sunrise "Zone"
WF2F -WF7F - Sunrise yellow with Lichen "Zone"

Price: $74.95
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Drive
Lower Burrell, Pa. 15068

As you can see, Airflo has been busy designing the best fly
lines in the industry. If you have any questions regarding
these lines or any other product please feel free to email or
give us a call. We enjoy talking to you!
airflo super dri river stream line

Airflo River and Stream Line -  We love the Airflo
Delta Taper and we are pleased that Airflo has never
abandoned this idea. The Airflo River Stream line is perfect
for pinpoint, delicate presentations and is bound to be our
favorite line. Also great for single hand spey casting!

Available in WF3 - WF8

MInt Green with orange zone section.     $74.95
Airflo Kelly Gallup Nymph Indicator line - A larger
tip and more aggressive front taper allows you to throw the
larger flies and indicators. This line also has a high floating tip
and extended rear taper to help mend and manage the line
better and you will hook more fish with the low stretch power
Available in:  WF4 - WF8 F
Price:   $79.99
airflo elite line
airflo surper dri line