I intended to order 100 or the new Air Loc Indicators. After trying them I
changed my mind. I ordered 200!! I can already see that this is going to
be an item that is going to be difficult to keep in stock.
Let's think about what an indicator should or should not do.

  • Once it's on it should stay put
  • Should be easily adjustable
  • Should be easy to cast
  • Should never move unless you move it
  • Should not kink the line

The new Airloc indicators pass all of the above tests, and one more
thing - You won't lose them" that is unless you drop one!

We have the air lock indicators in 1/2" and 1" sizes.
Price: $3.00 ea. or 3 for $8.00
Remember, you will not lose this indicator!!
The new Air Loc indicators utilize a unique attachment
  •  won't kink your line
  •  won't move, unless you intend to adjust them
  •  Easily adjustable
  • Will not fall off
New unique attachment method makes it easy to
adjust your indicator and will not allow it to move
from casting. It takes seconds to attach this
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