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45 years fly fishing experience!
"To achieve mastery is to rise
above the need to catch fish."
Howell Raines
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Thus humble let me live and
Nor long for Midas' golden
If Heaven more generous gifts
I shall not miss them much, ---
Too grateful for the blessing
Of simple tastes and mind
Oliver Wendell Holmes
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The Contented Angler
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"Certainly it is heaven upon earth to
have a man's mind move in charity,
rest in providence,  and turn upon
the poles of truth"
Francis Bacon
The fact that the average caster can't bring out
the full potential of a $150.00 fly rod should
tell you that fly rods have caught up to
technology and that
the overpriced fly rod is a
thing of the past! I don't need to make nor do I
want to make $400.00 profit on a fly rod.  The
only rod worth $800.00 is the
Mcfarland rod!
Avoid the Darkeside and keep fly fishing an
honorable passtime.  We can do it! The Darkeside
is still stinking up fly fishing!!  Let's hope and pray
that the Darkeside realizes the big picture and sees
the light.  Right now, he only sees money!
If you don't see a product here that you
want to purchase,  the first thing you
should do is call the manufacturer and
ask them why.  Then call us and we
will tell you the truth!  You have the
right to buy any product here! You
simply can't open a fly shop today.  you
simple wouldn't get any product.
Here it is - The new TFO BVK Spey
A look at Penn State "Kids in college" program
Hanak Hooks are now
available at The Contented
8/3/17 - Here is one of those rare opportunities to
get a
Hatch reel for 20% off!  Prices are limited
to what we have in stock!  We hope you can take
advantage of this.  They won't last!
 Hatch Reels
See the new Wetsox before your next Erie
Steelhead trip.  A huge seller!  Great gift!
Hook Terminiology - Everyone
should read this!!
Does anyone remember friendship?  Is it nothing more
than a mouse click on Facebook?  Sometimes it seems
like it, which is one reason to come and see us.  
Freindship still exists here,  it is still important.  
New Scientific Angler Essox and Figure 8
Leaders are now here!
Here is the IFTD "Best in Show winner"  The
TFO Axiom ll Switch rod.  Perfection at TFO
The new Limited Edition TFO Pro ll outfits are now
available.  They were worth the wait!
"The only thing you can take with you when you leave this
world are those things which you have done for others"
Lefty Kreh had a large burden when he was called home to
the safe harbor.
We are thankful for another great season which enables us to
donate to specific charities. If I did this just for the money,  
there would be no reward.  We wouldn't be doing anything
meaningful and we wouldn't be contributing to society.  
Should the donations go to the fishing community?  When you
see a child on the television who has had over 100 broken
bones,  I think you know where the priorities lie.  We are
thankful for our customers (friends) who make this all possible.
Ever notice how products are available in some stores and
not in others. This is the sales rep steering you to certain
shops. We have 45 years of experience,  so knowledge has
nothing to do with it.  Did you ever notice that these are
the most expensive products?  This is no coincidence!  
They want you to shop at certain stores,
not where you
want to shop
. We don't agree with this ancient practice.  
We don't have to steer you here.  People that respect each
other and have good moral values love it here!  If you don't
see a product you want here, contact the manufacturer,
but be aware that you may not be talking to anyone
knowledgeable!  We are on the side of the consumer!
Echo is to be commended for not bowing
to the "big box stores" and selling only to
dealers.  Not saying that you shouldn't
shop at these stores, we shop there
ourselves.  No dealer can compete with
point system.  We do the best we
can.  We are not even allowed any
Specs,  Stipers,  Giant Redfish,  False Albecore.  These
pictures have nothing to do with our skill.  It's the
Gary Dubiel and Spec Fever in North
Carolina!  Book now,  it fills up fast!
15 new customers (friends) this year and it's not even the
end of January!