04/22/08 - Visiting Bedford county is always special. A mixture of
limestone and freestone streams, and a dash of beautiful scenery
mixed in.
I don't like it but I am sworn to secrecy on one of the streams to
protect the regulars who enjoy this fertile gem.
There was blizzard-like Blue Quill activity in the morning and when
we moved over to Yellow creek in the afternoon we were greeted
with a good caddis hatch.
An area overflowing with history including George Washington and
the Whiskey Rebellion, Bedford is also known for its medicinal
springs. There is something special about this water.
bobs creek beford
bedford county pa fishing
The X Caddis and Shop Vac with Hi-Vis
wing did well on yellow. A blue quill
compara worked great for the morning
vosseller reel
brown trout bedford
brook trout bedford
caddis larva
quill gordon
Mr. Quill Gordon
I'm sure this caddis larva didn't like me disturbing his
home on this quiet evening.
May 3, 2008 - At Yellow Creek we were greeted by #18 black Caddis and spotted Sedges.
Around 4:00pm the Hendrickson created quite a show and the fish responded enthusiastically.
Hendricksons are very light creamy pink on this stream.
On our next stream, the Hendrickson spinners danced over the fast water. Lacking a suitable
imitation, the Shop Vac and blue quill compara still produced well.
Shop Vac
Dai-Riki 135, #14 - 16.
Body:  Pheasant tail
Rib: Gold or copper wire.
Wing: Tan Hi-Vis
Head: 1/8 Gold Bead

A good producer so far this year.
I sometimes add a thorax of brown Master
One of the little gems that reside here.
Fly Fishing in Bedford co. PA.
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell, PA. 15068
shop vac fly
"If indeed you be an angler, then join us and
welcome, for then it is known to you that no man is in
perfect condition to enjoy scenery unless he have a
flyrod in his hand and a fly-book in his pocket."
Wm. C. Prime