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The Black Ghost
Hook:  3,4 or 5XL
Thread: black UTC - 140 or danville 6/0
Tail:  Fibers from soft saddle hackle -
Body:  Black 4 strand floss
Front Hackle:  Soft yellow saddle or
Rib: Silver flat tinsel
Wing:  4 white saddles of the
appropriate size.
This is one of those old streamers that will
someday be lost or replaced by a version with
more modern materials. There are a few
variations such as the Black Ghost Marabou
which substitutes a wing of white bucktail and
white marabou.  
When choosing feathers for
the featherwing streamer,  
choose feathers from the left
and right side of the wing so
that you have the proper
curvature for the near and
far wing.
Size of the wing feather is
also important.  Try not to
use the tips of large feathers
from the top of the neck. The
photo above shows the
proper size wing feather and
soft hackle feather.
1. Tie in some soft yellow fibers from a saddle or schlappen feather.  2.  Bring thread to the center of the shank
and tie in flat tinsel with gold side against the shank.  This should be tied on the far side of the hook.  3.  Tie down
the tinsel stopping above the barb and advancing the thread to mid shank.
4.  Do not trim the floss as you advance the thread to the front of the hook.  5.  Wrap the floss to the front of the
hook and begin wrapping it towards the rear.  When you reach the barb of the hook,  reverse direction and wrap
towards the front again.  This should give you a nice tapered body.  6. Bring the silver flat tinsel forward.  Space
between the wraps of tinsel should be twice the width of the tinsel.
7.  Tie in a soft yellow feather by the tip for the hackle.  Hold on to the barbs on both sides of the feather pulling
them to the rear as you wrap to the front.  8. Tie in your 4 saddle hackles for the wing being sure that they curve
downward.  Notice how the wing lays on top of the shank with no gap between the wing and the body of the fly.
8. Trim the wing butts on an angle, spin the thread counter-clockwise to flatten and make a smooth tapered head.  
Add you favorite head cement.
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