Joe Brooks is responsible for the popularity of the Blonde series of streamers.
The Saltwater version is a good substitute for Lefty's Deciever and it's slightly
easier to cast. How good is the fly? The Blonde is responsible for the world
record brown trout over 24lbs.!!
The Blonde is a very easy pattern to tie and it can be done in an endless
combination of colors.
The Blonde
Tail: Bucktail
Wing: Bucktail
Thread: 210 or UTC140
Body: Tinsel of flat braid.
I like a Mustad 3407 for the saltwater version and a 3 or 4XL hook for freshwater.
Fox Squirrel tail would be a nice version and Goat hair would be the ultimate.
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Some dressed up blondes from Ed Santelli.
blonde streamer