I bring you from the book: "Pop Flyes" by Bob Popovics and
Ed Jaworowski, "The Bucktail Deciever"
. Bob respectfully
gives partial credit to Left Kreh for a fly that is much
different, but of the same style. The Buktail Deceiver takes
about the same time to tie and one is probably more
effective than the other under certain conditions.
is an essential book for your library. The "Bucktail
Deciever" requires a long shank saltwater hook, bucktail
and optional flash. The best bucktails I have found are the
#1 tails from
1. Use monofilament thread and tie
in a long bunch of bucktail with 4
slightly loose wraps
1a. Press down on the bucktail with
your thumbnail so that the hair is
spread aroung the shank. Optional
flash can be added now and a drop
of Zap.
2.Repeat step 1 by adding another bunch of bucktail
slightly shorter and a little more sparse than the first
bunch. You can add more optional flash.
3. Continue making your way up the shank with bunches
of bucktail. The point in the photo is where I add my
alternate color.
4. Here I am adding another optional color. You may choose to
add only one
5. Choose two "Prisma Tag Eyes" from Spirit River and
bend them in half to match the contour of the body. Tie
them in by the stems on each side. I like to add a drop of
zap on top of these
One of the tricks of the Bucktail Deciever is
to use bucktail from the end of the tail as
you begin the fly.
As you progress to the front, choose the
hair from the base of the tail.
The Bucktail Deciever

Hook: Mustad S74SZ
Thread: Wapsi monofilament thread.
Bucktail and flash for the remainder of
the fly.
bucktail deciever
tying bucktail deciever fly
contented angler deciever
orange bucktail
orange bucktail
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You will find the best #1 bucktails from
Wapsi and The Contented Angler