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The Canadian Tube Fly Company
No one knows tube flies like the Canadian Tube fly Company and
Stuart Anderson ties the most beautiful Tube Flies. As part of the
Pro Team, we can answer any questions you have or you can even
stop by for a demo. There is nothing complicated about these very
versatile flies and you're going to enjoy tying them and Canadian
Tub Fly Company leaves room for you to add your own creativity.
canadian tube fly
You will find more options and tying instructions at The
Canadian Tube Fly site
Tied by Stuart Anderson
We stock a good variety of tubes fly kits from
Canadian Tube Fly Company
One of the nice things about fly tying is that you get to
tap into your imagination and creativity. Canadian Tube
doesn't do everything for you.  They allow you the
freedom to create and improvise.
Canadian Tube Fly Company is the choice of pros.