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ultralight monster cones
Similar to our original Monster Cones, these little brass disks are almost
weightless. They create a disturbance in the water that actually makes
the pattern "wiggle" in the current.Because of the small weight they
bring to the fly, this movement is exaggerated even more than with a
standard Monster Cone.These can be used on almost any of our metal
tubing styles. They fit perfectly on liner tube that is used to line
Shumakov, Micro Metal, Standard Metal, Barbell, Nubby, Shrimp,
Torpedo, Deep Water, and Ridged Bottle tubes.Liner tube can also be
easily inserted into Plastic, Flex, and  Wiggle tubing to accept a standard,
regular monster cone, or Ultralight Monster Cone.
ultralight Monster Cones
Full Ultralight Monster
Cone Assortment Pack
28 cones in 2 different
sizes and 7 electroplated
and painted finishes.
Full Monster Cone Assortment Pack -
24 cones (2 small brass, 2 small
gunsmoke, 2 small silver, 2 small
copper, 2 medium brass, 2 medium
gunsmoke, 2 medium silver, 2 medium
copper, 2 large brass, 2 large
gunsmoke, 2 large silver, 2 large
Monster Cones
Flex Tube Cone Assortment Pack -
24 cones (4 each of orange, pink,
yellow, green, blue, and chartreuse)
Cones are a great way to add weight and unique action
to your tube flies. Many times I wished I had a fly that
would push water or vibrate especially for night fishing.
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