Cattaraugus Creek -  Cattaraugus Creek is approximately
68 miles long stretching from Java Lake, in Wyoming County, to
it's mouth at lake Erie. Only the lower 37 miles, from the Springville
Dam to Lake Erie, is accessible to lake-run fish.
Approximately 53% of the lower watershed runs through Zoar
Valley.  The stream bed consists mainly of shale with numerous
stretches of gravel.  Below Gowanda, in the Seneca Nation, the
Cattaraugus slows down and the bottom becomes gravely with
pockets of sand and silt in the slower stretches. It has about a 25%
wild steelhead.
I look at this area and I am amazed at what glacial encroachment
The headwaters of Cattaraugus Creek are in the rolling hills of
Wyoming County. As it flows out of the southwest corner of
Wyoming County it forms the boundary between Erie and
Cattaraugus Counties. It remains the southern border of Erie
County all the way to Lake Erie near Silver Creek, New York. One of
the highlights is the scenic beauty  in the section known as Zoar
Valley, near Gowanda, New York.
The main thing I love about this river is that I can fish it the way I
fish an atlantic salmon river.
winters hope joe gablick
Steelhead and Solitude? Uh,  at least solitude.
Our friend Tom knows how to land them!
When this stream becomes off color from heavy
rain, it will stay that way for quite a while, sometimes
You will need a permit to fish the reservation water
and a N.Y. license to fish the N.Y. water. I play it
safe and get both.
You are not permitted to use two flies in N.Y. but
this doesn't apply to the reservation waters.
We prefer, and we think it is to your advantage,
to fish a Teeny WF Mini Tip line here. This has a
5 ft. sink tip which makes it easy to cast and the
flies swing perfectly.
Cast HERE for stream conditions. Fish it at 300
and falling for easy wading. Fish it at 400 and
falling for good fishing. Cast
HERE for weather.
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