The Contented Angler
Amy & Joe Gablick
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell, PA. 15068
Every good pitcher knows that by throwing the change-up at just
the right time can result in very satisfying results. We can also use
this strategy on the stream.
At right we have a selection of tube flies and optional tails. We can
quickly change up the appearance and size of the fly by adding the
optioinal tail section. You can also change the size of the hook
according to what size fish you are pursuing. We can also add our
flash to the tail for those days when it is called for. Of course, you
can fish a smaller fly by not using the optional tail section. The
possibilities are endless!
As if the tube fly wasn't versatile enough, we now have this option
to add to it.
Imagine a selection of wooly buggers with
various tail sections. This example gives us the
option of having three different flies. This fly is
tied on Flex tube from
Canadian Tube Flies. This
tubing does not require Junction tubing.
Change-up Tubes
Black tail option applied to this tube fly
Tube Fly with optional tail section added.
Either tail would work with either of
these tube flies.
blue tube fly
blue tube fli 2
bugger tube fly
tube fliy
tube flies contented angler
tube fly with cone
bugger tube
The contented angler