CA Cicada Pattern with Maxima
Chameleon 0x - 2x tippet.  You need
this to cast this big fly.  The fish are
not the least bit particular when you
fish these!
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Fishing Cicadas - Okay,  you already know that there isn't going to be
any technical nonsense at The Contented Angler.  Remember what
Einstein said:
"Any intelligent fool can make something more
So let's start with the setup. A 5 or 6wt will make the casting more
enjoyable and since this large fly has plenty of foam on top and is
tied on a 2XL size 8 nymph hook, some 0 - 2X Maxima Chameleon
tippet will serve you well.  The fish are not the least bit fussy during
this emergence!  Something big hits the water and they're on it!
If you hear the Cicadas in the trees,   you can be sure they will hit this
fly and they will hit it days after the Cicadas are gone!  See the page
CA Cicada

Hook:  Size 6 - 8, 3x long. Not a light