Better strike detection, sensitivity and accuracy are just a few of the claims we here
when we read about the new
Competition Nymph line from Cortland line Co. The
line comes in two sizes to perfectly balance with today's 10'0 3wt. to 10'0 4wt rods that
are the most common for Czech nymphing.
Our question is: "How will it cast and handle?" When I overhand casted this line my first
reaction was that this was a great midge line. The line loaded the 10'0 rod perfectly and
accuracy was enhanced.
I rigged the rod with a typical Czech Nymph leader and a couple of nymphs and noticed
increased sensitivity with the thinner line which lead to easier strike detection. I also
found that the line was less prone to belly and when it did, it was easy to manipulate
the line for a better drift.
Cortland thought about all of the problems you encounter when trying to present a
nymph properly and made everything much easier. The line is also fun to fish with. Begin
building your leader with the new Cortland Indicator Mono and you will be properly
equipped to try your hand at "European Nymphing" Czech Nymph leaders made with the
new indicator mono will also be available at The Contented Angler. Get yourself another
spool for your reel and line it with the Competition Nymph line and start enjoying
nymphing like you never have before.

More opinions to come!
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