The Contented Angler
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Lower Burrell, PA. 15068
•        UltraLight for 0 to 3 wt. fly line                                                                                                                  $11.95

•        Light for 3 to 5 wt. fly line                                                                                                                          $11.95

•        Light StillWater for 3 to 5 wt. fly line                                                                                                        $11.95

•        Medium for 6 to 8 wt. fly line                                                                                                                     $11.95

•        Medium StillWater for 6 to 8 wt. fly line                                                                                                  $12.95

•        Heavy for 7 wt. and heavier line, and for big bass bugs and saltwater flies                                  $12.95

•        Spey leader for 7 wt. and higher fly lines (9 ft. 10 in. long)                                                                 $13.95

•        BlueSky-Ti furled leader with Titanium Bite Tippet                                                                                $14.95

•        Six-Plus Saltwater Furled Leaders with Flurocarbon tippets (available in 4 tippet strengths)     

•        Expedition - for 7-13 wt fly lines. The toughest leader made. For big flies and big fish.              

BlueSky furled tapered leaders are hand-woven from over 90 feet (27m) of premium nylon. They are
intended for serious fly fishers who want to improve their casting, presentation and success.
Our standard leaders are 5 feet 9 inches (1.75m) long. The StillWater Leaders are 8 ft. 4 in. long. To this
leader, you add a tippet of appropriate length and strength. Don't be afraid to experiment with long
tippets. BlueSky Furled Leaders can turn over very long tippets.
Each leader is individually hand woven, furled and twinned into a beautiful taper. All our leaders attach
using the no knot loop-to-loop method. This means you can quickly switch to another BlueSky leader in