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The Early Black Stoneflies make their appearance in March
when the water reaches 40 degrees. Unlike Mayflies and
Caddis, Stoneflies crawl out of the water to emerge.
When we get a sunny March or April afternoon, grab your rod
and witness the egg laying activity.
Below are some easy patterns to duplicate the Taeniopteryx
The Capnia stoneflies are much smaller black stoneflies (size
20) and usually overlap this hatch. Most people mistake these
for midges.
Hook:          Dai-riki 285 #14 bent up.
Thread:       Black
Tails:           Black Elk hair
Abdomen:  Black Thin Skin
Thorax:      Muskrat or gray Nature's
Spirit emergence dubbing.
Wingcase: Black Thin Skin
Legs:        Gray partridge or speckled
Hook:         Dai - Riki 300 #14
Thread:      Black
Body:         Chocolate brown Diamond
Brite dubbing
wing:         Black saddle hackle wonder
wing style.
Antenae:  Black Elk hair
Legs:        Black CDC
Hook:      Dai-Riki 300 #14
Body:      Chocolate brown diamond
brite dubbing.
Legs:      Black rubber legs
Black Elk hair from Wapsi tyed bullet
head style for wing and head.
Black Stone Nymph
Early Black Stone Adult
Black Stone Egg Layer
Note: A black Elk Hair Caddis will also do good service in
a pinch.
black stonefly
early black stone
cdc stonefly
early black stonefly adult