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The method of melting the bead on the hook
maintains the hook gape and is a very durable
way to attach the bead.  If you've been mislead
to believe that you need a red dot on the egg
like Jeff Dick, put glue inside the hole and stuff
some red dubbing in there. Choose a Lightnin'
dub color to match the color of the bead you
are using.
The Egg Melt

Hook: Dai Riki 135 #10 -12
I also like the Dai Riki 075 #12 for the
6mm bead
Thread: Monofilament
Egg: Spirit River Egg Bead. 6mm
Veiling: Marmalade Lightning dub
from Spirit River followed by Pearl Blue
Spirit River Lite Brite.
1. Heat the hook for 5 seconds.
2. Using tweezzers, place
the bead on top of the
hook. It only takes a few
seconds to melt.
3. Egg melted in the
proper position.
4. Veiling added to completed
egg fly. Select how much
veiling you need and then cut
that amount in half.
Egg melted to 3XL hook ready to
complete the Egg Sucking Leech.
It is important that you do not
overdo the veiling!
Red yarn threaded through the eggs to