Complete Competition Nymph Outfits from The Contented Angler
The Contented Angler
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The Echo Shadow 2 Euro Nymph rod is one of our best selling rods.
These are 4pc. rods.  We have matched it with:
  • Echo 2/3 Ion reel
  • TFO line
  • Ca Custom leader with sighter and tippet ring
  • Bag and Case
Models available: 10' 2wt.,  10'0 3wt.,  10'6 4wt.
Price for the complete out fit:  $369.00
New Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph Outfit
The Echo Carbon XL Euro nymph rod is a less expensive
alternative,  but it sure doesn't look like it! Very popular and based on
the Echo Carbon XL rod. You get:
  • Echo Carbon XL 4pc. Euro nymph rod
  • Echo Ion 2/3 reel
  • Hanak wave line
  • CA Custom nymph leader with sighter and tippet ring
  • Bag and Case
Price:  $279.99
Please use Paypal button to choose 10' 3wt.
or 10' 4wt.
Some would say they are the first name in Czech Nymphing.  
The Contented Angler is proud to bring you the
Wave Nymph
rod from Hanak
.  This outfit incudes:
  • 10' 3wt.4pc. Hanak Wave Rod
  • Hanak Wave Reel
  • Hanak Wave line
  • CA Custom Nymph leader with sighter and tippet ring

Price: $340.00
Hanak Wave Nymph Rod
TFO BVK 10'0 4wt.
We are getting into high quality here and because it casts
everything so well,  we do not suggest a standard nymph line. This
has the slightly stiffer tip that some nymphers prefer and makes
perfect casts with dries and streamers. The legendary TFO BVK is
quite a versatile rod!  You get:
  • TFO BVK 10' 4wt 4pc. rod
  • TFO Prism 2 reel
  • Standard CA leader
  • Rod and Reel Carrier
  • SA Frequency Trout line