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Classic Atlantic Salmon Featherwings
This art is done for display purposes and they
certainly do make the ultimate gift for any fly
angler. These are the "real thing" and they
are dressed to exact proportions.
We take great pride in our Atlantic Salmon hairwings, In fact, we consider
them our specialty. We've been tying them for over 40 years. We fish them
and we know how they should be tied. We make sure they are as perfect as
can be.
No pupil was more apt, none more attentive.  But the
enthusiasm which led him to accomplish with mathematical
precision the neatest victories over Mayflies and Quilled
Gnats, scarcely extended itself into the regions of high art
in Salmon-fly dressing.
Francis Francis
From "The Salmon Fly"
by George Kelson
Sir Richard dressed by Joe Gablick
Jock Scott dressed by Joe Gablick
Authentic Lady Caroline dressed by J.G.
september mourn fly
lady caroline spey
atlantic salmon hairwings
jock scott fly
sir richard salmon fly
724 - 337 - 0437
I have recieved many valuable gifts in exchange for
one of my salmon flies. One of them was the
"Forgotten Flies" book given to me by Gene Utech.
Now I can always think of him.  I do the classics
when I am in the right frame of mind.
Classic Atlantic Salmon Featherwings and Atlantic Salmon Hairwings are not available
for sale at this time.