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We couldn't believe it when we saw these tools in a
nice velvet lined binder.  The portable thumb vise can
be held by your thumb along the stream or placed in
the included pedestal. A great way to carry your tools
or keep them organized. These are specially priced at

Please call or email Amy or Joe if you have any
questions concerning our gifts or if you wish to order.
Thank you!
Gear Keeper Net Release
Same price as a magnetic holder, but twice as useful – Just grab your net and
use it, then let it go when you are done. Ever tried to land a fish and he runs?
You have a rod in one hand and a net in the other. Just release the net – it puts
itself away and you can deal with the fish!
  •        Full arm-reach extension – will not inhibit use
  •        Works hanging on your back or on a float tube
  •        Built to Last: Designed to survive extended salt water and    chlorine
  •        Sand and debris are flushed from unit when operated in water.
  •        New Quick Connect-II System adds convenience and flexibility

Price: $24.99
The Gear Keeper Net Release is durable and works flawlessly. There is no
reason for us to carry any other net realease. This is the one!!
TFO Soft Hackle Rod - Great for trout
or bass, but if you fish for panfish, this is
the only way to go! This rod will add a new
dimension to your sport. I gaurantee you
that you will not be able to put it down.
This TFO Tenkara rod is available in 10'6, 8'6
and 11'6 lengths. This is an innovative
telescopic design.
MFC Coffee Mugs - are available with the same
artwork you find on the MFC reels. This is not your
typical mug that you find in the department store! A
perfect gift
Price: $28.00
"I filled this cup at 7:00am drove two hours, fished
all day in 35 degree weather, returned to the truck
at dark expecting a sip of cold coffee and was
amazed to find that the coffee was still warm. The
type 316 steel, vacum seal and locking lid make this
a mug that is different than all the others, Oh, I also
didn't preheat the mug!"
soft hackle rod
net release
tying kit
mfc mugs