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It took some time to design a wading belt
that has all of the features we need and
especially, perfect support for your back. Try
Airflo Wading Belt and you will see the
difference immediately when you begin
wading on those rocks. It is well worth it to
save your back.

Price: $49.99
Airflo Wading Belt
airflo wading belt
When you compare this Rod and Reel
Carrier From New Phase
you are going to
find this bag to be a bargain!  Compare it
to similar bags. Well made and will
securely hold your rods,  reels,  fly boxes,
lines,  tools,  even a hat and a shirt.
The New Phase bag features velcro straps
to securely hold your rod plus dividers that
you can arrange however you wish.
Wait! we're not done. 3 large zipper
pockets on the inside and 3 on the
outside. Durable handle and comfortable
strap!  This is a great gift!
Price $79.95
Camera Lanyard from Gear Keeper. I used
this once and now I will never be without it. No
more fumbling for your camera or fear of
dropping it. It's made by Gear Keeper so it's just
about indestructable. A perfect gift for the

Only $19.95!!
Everything, and I mean everything you need to
begin fly fishing.

The Loon Big Water Fishing System incudes:

  • Moulded EVA front pocket can hold 2 large
    fly boxes.
  • Inner pockets keep gear organized.
  • $75 worth of Loons best selling products

Included Products:
  • Aquel
  • Top Ride
  • Bottoms Up
  • UV Wader Repair
  • Biostrike
  • Deep Soft Weight
  • Nippers
  • Zinger
  • Forceps

You get all of this including a great durable pack
for only:
Loon Big Fishing System