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"To achieve mastery is to rise
above the need to catch fish."
Howell Raines
Does anyone remember friendship?  Is it nothing more
than a mouse click on Facebook?  Sometimes it seems
like it, which is one reason to come and see us.  
Freindship still exists here,  it is still important.  
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It doesn't matter if you have 45 years
of experience. As long as a female
owns the shop,  
suppliers will always
practice discrimination
.  It still exists
today! And you thought there were
Hook Terminiology - Everyone should read
See the new Wetsox before your next Erie
Steelhead trip.  A huge seller!  Great gift!
Wow!  After hearing about all of the Frankenstein
wading shoes you have tried,  the
Chota West
Prong shoes
are one of our most popular items!  
For years the angler should have demanded more
from their waders and shoes.  That moment is now
"Certainly it is heaven upon earth to
have a man's mind move in charity,
rest in providence,  and turn upon
the poles of truth"
Francis Bacon
Specs,  Stipers,  Giant Redfish,  False Albecore.  These
pictures have nothing to do with our skill.  It's the
Neuse River Book now,  it fills up fast!
Thus humble let me live and
Nor long for Midas' golden
If Heaven more generous gifts
I shall not miss them much, ---
Too grateful for the blessing
Of simple tastes and mind
Oliver Wendell Holmes
8/3/17 - Here is one of those rare opportunities to
get a
Hatch reel for a great price.   Prices are
limited to what we have in stock!  We hope you
can take advantage of this.
 Hatch Reels
New! Gret Lakes Switch line from
Scientific Angler. Will cast indicators
and weight.  Also mends well!
A look at Penn State "Kids in college" program
The Contented Angler
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Warranties have changed in the past few years.  Of course,  
they are not going to notify you of this!  Read the warranty
very carefully from now on!
New Scientific Angler Euro Nymph Kit.  
Now you can turn you setup into a Euro Nymph
setup just by looping this on the end of your
existing fly line.  Kit includes:
20ft of nymph line
Euro nymph leader
Foam strorage spool
What hooks can you get at The Contented Angler?
Mustad, Hanak, Hemingway, Partridge, Lightning
Strike, Alec Jackson, Eagle Claw, MFC and now
Fulling Mill.
 I'm really impressed with the Lightning
Strike Saltwater hooks!! Make sure you try these!
FNF Jelly for the Blob Fly
Fishpond has purchased Tacky and they
have changed the boxes.  Never fear,  we
have some of the originals left!