"It's about friendship"
Welcome to the Genuine Fly Shop.  We are sure you
will find everything you need here!
What is this Genuine Fly Shop that
everyone talks about?  Well,  it's a place
where the fellow angler is treated with
the respect they deserve.  We are all on a
level playing field here whether you
spend a dollar or $600.00.  The
foundation of the shop is our integrity
and honesty.  We rely on our 45 years of
fly fishing experience to help you choose
the right product,  if you need help.  We
also need to be there when something
goes wrong.  
People find the atmosphere very relaxing
here and that is what we wanted to
accomplish.  Thanks to you,  we have
been able to donate to many  charities,
particularly St. Jude's Hospital for
children.  If you feel you deserve a
discount instead please let us know why.  
We do the research and carefully choose
our products.  A product must value The
Contented Angler philosophy.  
Contented Angler Gift Cards are also available
As you browse through The Contented Angler,  please keep in
mind that we accept major credit cards and we offer the
convenience of PayPal.  We can also send you a PayPal
"The only thing you can take with you when
you leave this world are those things which
you have done for others"
St. Francis
contented angler fly shop
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell,  Pa.  15068

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