The one characteristic that I always emphasized on
our flies and in our Fly Tying Instruction is the
choice of the proper hook.
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell, PA. 15068


The Mustad CO68 and C49S are just two
examples of high quality, sharp hooks from
this traditional company. The CO68 is a
great 2Xheavy steelhead hook.
Montana Fly Salmon
Steelhead Hooks
- A nice
heavy salmon Iron from
MFC. Comes in Gold,  
silver,  and black. Of
course we carry the
complete line of MFC
Partridge barbless Czech
Nymph hooks
- A great hook for
these popular nymphs.
Partridge Patriot
Barbless Jig Hook
- A
very popular hook
today for tying
nymphs. 60 degree
turned down eye.
Hanak hooks are now
available at The Contented
Hemingway premium hooks - You have to try
Partridge Predator
Hooks. For the Pike and
Musky flies!
Wapsi Lightning Strike hooks have
become the favorite of everyone we
see! We can't recommend the
Saltwater hooks enough!
Fulling Mill hooks are becoming
very popular due to their quality
and price.
MFC Kelly Gallup Streamer Hooks.