The Contented Angler

The Contented Angler is well known for it's inventory of fly
tying material. If you are looking for something it is probably
here or we can get it!  Our inventory includes products from:
Nature's Spirit
Flymen Fishing Company
Montana Fly Company
EP Fibers
Polish Quill
Eumer Tubes
Canadian Tube Company
Cascade Crest
Loon Outdoors
and more!
It would be impossible to show you everything on a website! In
fact,  it usually takes a few trips to see everything we have.
are well known for our fly tying inventory.
fly tying thread and wire
contented angler beads
tube fly material
contented angler dubbing
fly tying material
Tube fly material and supplies,  deer hair, Elk hair,  Bear,  Finn
Raccoon,  Spirit River Fly tying kits,  snowshoe rabbit
The wall of Beads.
Please support the people that support our fly tying programs
for young people - Wapsi,  Rumpf,  Nature's Spirit,  Montana
Fly Company,  Hemingway,  Cascade Crest.
"We have the material that Musky fly tyers are looking
for" If not,  we can get it!  We've been looking at Fly tying
material for over 40 years and we know a good product
from a mediocre one.  If we don't have it,  you don't need
Unless it is sold out of someone's trunk along the stream,  we have it!