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Rattle tied on the hook.

Do rattles work? There is a proven lure called the "Rattle
Trap" that says they do work. However, I am still skeptical
even after a recent trip where they were used with success.
A better test would be to use the same fly  with and
without a rattle.
I remember when we first started using brass beads in this
country and the reception wasn't good. Traditional fly tyers
avoided them. In fact, there was a time when all synthetic
fly tying material was frowned upon. Today, there is more
synthetic material than natural material.
Here is one method for inserting rattles into your fly so you
can judge for yourself whether they are worth using
Rattle inserted into tubing before it is
tied off at the front. Split shot or
tungsten can also be inserted at this
Should you get rattled?
fly tying rattles
fly tying rattle
streamer with rattle
rattle streamer
kiski rattle minnow
adding rattle to your flies
kiski rattle pattern