The Contented Angler
Great Lakes Speys
Although I don't spend the amount of time on these
that I spend on the traditional speys that are framed,
I still try to build the flow of the traditional spey in
these. I also use material that I can afford to lose.
Those who have fished them have developed a
good bit of confidence in them and when it comes
to swinging flies, there is no better!!
Green Coot
Solitude on "The Cat' A perfect river for
swinging flies.
modern spey fly
Modern spey tied with synthetic
flash material
Sherbrook Spey
caramel spey
The Contented Angler
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Lower Burrell,  Pa. 15068
cattaraugus creek
spey fly by joe gablck
sherbrook spey
red head spey
green coot spey
spey fly
I have seen where one guy ties
rabbit on what someone told him
was a spey hook and he called it a
spey fly!
Soon we will see foam ants tied
on a spey hook and considered it
a spey fly.  This is an insult to
those who researched and tie the
real thing.