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Green Drake
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eastern green drake
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Those who pay attention to the hatches certainly look
forward to the
Green Drake. The pattern presented
here is tied "Roberts Drake" style so I do not take
credit for it. The size 8 4XL hook is light enough for a
dry fly,  actually lighter than the dry fly hook. We have
to disregard normal hook proportions and make the
hackle the same size as the abdomen when we use
an xlong hook.
Hook: 4XL nymph/bugger hook
Thread:  cream or yellow
Tails:  Moose mane
Body:  White or natural deer or elk hair
Wing: Yellow or golden olive calf tail
Hackle: Yellow dyed grizzly
1. Start with covering the shank of the hook
with pale yellow or yellow thread.  Tie in three
or four moose main fibers above the barb.
2. Bring the thread to the front and allow 3/16
on an inch space before the eye. Tie in some
white or cream deer or elk hair around the hook
Make evenly spaced thread wraps over the
deer hair to the rear of the body and back up.
3. Tie in Yellow, Pale yellow or Golden olive
calf tail post wing.
4. Prepare the hackle by stripping some of the
bottom fibers from the bottom left side of the
feather and tie down on the shank.  Bend the
feather up and wrap the thread around the
hackle and the wing post making your way up
the wing  Make two wraps around the shank
and  add a drop of cement
5. wrap the hackle counterclockwise and tie off
Remember when wrapping hackle parachute
style,  you are making a larger footprint on the
surface and you don't need as many turns of
green drake
John Betts' Poly extended body Green Drake.
John made this body in the 80's.
Tied by - J.G.
Some drakes are 1 1/4 inches and the females are
larger.  Color on your stream may vary a little.
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coffin fly spinner
Coffin Fly - Green Drake Spinner