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The Hatch Generation ll Finatic Reel
How do you possibly improve the Hatch Finatic
Reel?  Well,  you start by

  • Adding lip seals and sealed bearings to protect
    against the elements
  • Add additional windows to reduce weight
  • Add a sleeve that covers the aluminum shaft and
    seperates it from the crank handle
  • Add a bead blasted mist finish for smoother edges
    and a non reflective finish.
3 Plus -  Perfect for the popular 3 - 4 wt. trout rods

4 Plus - The proper weight to balance 4 - 6wt. rods.

5 Plus - The 5 Plus is a reel that will satisfy those who are looking for a reel they
can use for trout and    steelhead.   Also a perfect bonefish reel.

7 Plus -  The 7 Plus will provide you with a reel you can use for Salmon,
Steelhead and Saltwater.

9 Plus - A serious saltwater reel and will also hold today's Skagit and running

11 Plus - Oversized handle and grip control. Two things you need to land the
tarpon of a lifetime.
More information
More information