The Contented Angler
"A genuine Fly Shop"
1. You have many choices for a body material.  I'm just going to use an olive biot tied in above the barb. 2.  
Bring the thread forward and wrap the biot leaving 1/3 of the shank bare.  3.  Add an olive cdc feather and one
of the Hemingway realistic caddis wings,  Add a drop of zap or super glue to the wind tie in point.
4.  Add a bunch of Hemingway deer hair dubbing by tying it down in the
middle.  Pull the front of the bunch underneath the hook and tie down.
You can add the dubbing in the conventional way or in a thread loop if you
This is not my pattern so since I saw it in
the Hemingway catalog and it uses the
Hemingway realistic caddis wings and
deer hair dubbing, I'm just going to call
it the
Hemingway Caddis.
The Contented Angler