mfc fly bodies
leadbelly fly
The Leadbelly features Trina's belly dancer
bodies available from The Contented Angler.
This is a product from
Montana Fly Company.
These bodies are lead encased in resin so that
the lead doesn't escape into the water.
The Contented Angler
"A Genuine Fly Shop"
1. The Belly Dancer bodies already come
with a hook. Tie in a 1/8 wide zonker strip at
the front.
2. Add some Brush on Zap a Gap to the top
of the body and press the strip down.
Puncture the remaining part of the strip with
the hook.
3. I like to use the base of a good saddle
hackle feather for the collar..
4. Tie in the hackle feather and make two or
three turns and tie off to complete the
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